Sometimes We Like to Learn With Others

The virtual group training of The Big BAM Process is perfect for those who need personal guidance, but prefer to work in a group. They like to have the opportunity to brainstorm their ideas with others for extracting the right message and bringing all the pieces together to align as a whole. They also see the value in making intentional connections for future benefit while they learn and explore.

The Big BAM Process - Virtual Group Training

What this version of our brand strategy framework will give you:

  • A repeatable & scalable framework

  • A certified BAM(Brand Alignment Mentor) Strategist accompanying you every step of the way to make sure you fully understand each question and the purpose behind your answers.

  • The opportunity to brainstorm with others and be inspired by their ideas and input into your own story.

  • Create a message that resonates with what really matters to your aligned clientele

  • Articulate your brand's vision and bring it into reality

  • Find the right words to articulate who you really are as a brand.

  • Confidence and clarity around your brand

  • 90-day actionable strategy to start creating stronger cashflow

The Bundle Includes:

Everything you will get when your purchase this process.

  • 11 hours (approx.) of virtual training and support spread over 3 days

  • A recording of the session that you can go back to as many times as necessary as you continue to work through this process.

  • Access to our BAMFam Community for extra support and a dedicated space if you get stuck or want a second opinion.

  • The Big BAM Process Workbook - Digital (2nd Edition)

  • The Archetype Alignment Guide - Digital

  • BONUS: The Self-Guided BAMshot with one year access to encourage you to repeat this process once a year.


  • Day 1

    Module 1 - Identity: Identifying your Dream Client

    Module 2 - Analysis: Discover & Understand the Root Problem of Your Dream Client
  • Day 2

    Module 3 - Guide: Defining Yourself as the Guide & NOT the Hero

    Module 4 - Strategy: Designing a 90-day Strategy to Align Your Brand

    Module 5 - Offer: Develop and Package Your Strategy to Attract the Right Audience
  • Day 3

    Module 6 - Implement: Delivering Your Message on the Right Platforms and through the Right Mediums

    Module 7 - Evaluate: Discern the Successes and Failures Due to the Impact of Your Brand

    Module 8 - Brand Message: Create the Right Message Aligned for the Right Audience!


  • 3 participants are required for this course to run.
  • July 12-14
    9am-3pm Mountain Time

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    NOTE: This course is meant for individual business owners. This is not a course for a business leadership team to book together for a single business. The process for a leadership team of a single business is much more complex and cannot be handled in this style of workshop.

What THEY say about BAM

"Halfway through the workbook, my lights were on! The questions are thought-provoking and some are uncomfortable."

Jeff Humphreys - Shortline Creative & Calgary Sessions

"We were stuck, and the process helped us move forward."

Crystal Taylor - Holden & Taylor

"It was valuable time and well worth the energy to go through it."

Michael Edworthy - Hank's Plumbing & Gasfitting

"I am already seeing an increase in billings from the kind of clients I've wanted to work with for years."

David T. Pennington - OutWord

"It would save them a fortune and remove untold hours of frustration."

Darlene Hull - Certified BAM Strategist & Business Coach

"From part time 20k a year to 90k per year with 55% profit margin."

Britton Ledingham - iEvolve Media


  • How long do these session last?

    Currently we are saying each day's session is 6 hours. We likely won't need that much time, but we want to make sure we aren't rushed and that everyone has their questions answered.

    The length of each session depends on the amount of conversation or help needed, but we will make the above times our maximum times.

  • What should I do in advance to prepare for our session?

    Three days to a day before you should look over your workbook and get familiar with it. You can even attempt it on your own if you would like, but it's important that you get a good night's rest and eat well. This is a cognitively intense process.

  • How many sessions does it take to complete this process?

    There are three sessions on three consecutive days (Tuesday - Thursday) to walk through The Big BAM Process, giving us plenty of time for learning, brainstorming, and discussion.

  • Do I need to use a pen/pencil and paper during this process?

    Yes, your muscle memory engages when you text or type. It almost becomes a conditional response. When you write out on paper or digitally with a pen or pencil it taps into the unconscious parts of your brain and extracts what may be hidden. We have seen this happen countless times and it's a necessary step in our process.

  • How fast can I get results after this process?

    You go home after session three with your results in place. You have the option to purchase an objective review by one of our BAMstrategists if you wish, to have someone look over your answers with fresh eyes. It takes about a week to get this back to you after your purchase. (see the BAMshot question below for details)

  • What kind of support do I get during this process?

    Your trainer is available for questions and clarification throughout the training (each class has a maximum of 9 students so there's time for personal feedback), and you also have the support of your fellow students in small-group triads.

    In addition to that, we have a designated community called the BAMFam that is included with all course purchases. There you will have your own space to ask questions and engage with those in that space. If you need additional support we have certified BAM strategists who can assist you, but there may be a fee involved for consulting.

  • How long will I have access to this self-guided process included in this virtual guided package?

    One-year access with support is included, and you can have access to your course indefinitely. However, you won't be eligible for content updates and improvements or dedicated space in our community supported once that year is up.

  • How often should I repeat The Big BAM Process?

    We would recommend at least once a year or when you are making critical decisions for your organization. We go through this process ourselves once a year in or near August.

  • What is the BAMshot?

    The BAMshot is a snapshot of all the work you did during The Big BAM Process that states how to position yourself in your aligned marketplace. Think of this as a brand blueprint that ensures alignment & focus.

    For the virtual guided process, we review it with you and make any corrections plus we transcribe your answers (if legible).