Who is best suited for the self-guided process?

The DIY self-guided walk-through of The Big BAM Process is perfect for those who are highly disciplined, need no accountability to finish the course, and who are already experienced with asking deep questions and probing past the quick, superficial answers.

The Big BAM Process - Self Guided

What this version of our brand strategy framework will give you:

  • A repeatable & scalable framework

  • The ability to work at your own pace.

  • Create a message that resonates with what really matters to your aligned clientele

  • Articulate your brand's vision and bring it into reality

  • Find the right words to articulate who you really are as a brand.

  • Confidence and clarity around your brand

  • 90-day actionable strategy to start creating stronger cashflow

The Bundle Includes:

Everything you will get when your purchase this process.

  • 8 modules of in-depth video training

  • Access to our BAMFam Community for extra support and a dedicated space if you get stuck or want a second opinion.

  • The Big BAM Process Workbook - Digital (2nd Edition)

  • The Archetype Alignment Guide - Digital

  • BONUS: A self-guided audio walkthrough of the BAMshot process where you take your workbook answers and refine them even further giving you a snapshot of your business’ Brand, Audience, and Message. This is a document that you can share with your employees and contractors to make sure everyone is on the same page and working within consistent guidelines.

The Eight Courses + Bonus BAMshot

Here are all the courses that are included in your bundle.

What THEY say about BAM

"Halfway through the workbook, my lights were on! The questions are thought-provoking and some are uncomfortable."

Jeff Humphreys - Shortline Creative & Calgary Sessions

"We were stuck, and the process helped us move forward."

Crystal Taylor - Holden & Taylor

"It was valuable time and well worth the energy to go through it."

Michael Edworthy - Hank's Plumbing & Gasfitting

"I am already seeing an increase in billings from the kind of clients I've wanted to work with for years."

David T. Pennington - OutWord

"It would save them a fortune and remove untold hours of frustration."

Darlene Hull - Certified BAM Strategist & Business Coach

"From part time 20k a year to 90k per year with 55% profit margin."

Britton Ledingham - iEvolve Media


  • Can I complete The Big BAM Process strategy framework in one day?

    We would highly recommend you complete the first eight modules in one day, take the next day off, and then come back on day three to complete the BAMshot bonus lesson. This break is a crucial part of allowing your brain to sort through the information and bring more clarity.

    You can take longer if you like. It'll still be effective, but it's important to set a specific deadline to give it a priority in your mind.

    • 8 modules in one day with one rest day, and then the final module (3 days)
    • one module a day with one day of rest (10 days)
    • One module a week (9 weeks)

    Whatever you decide, the process is designed to accommodate these timelines. Any longer may create disassociation between each module.

  • How long is the content in the self-guided-process?

    About 90-minutes of video content for the first 8 modules and about one hour of audio for the 9th module for the BAMshot.

  • How long will I have access to this self-guided process?

    One-year access with support is included, and you can have access to your course indefinitely. However, you won't be eligible for content updates and improvements or dedicated space in our community supported once that year is up.

  • Do I need to use a pen/pencil and paper during this process?

    Yes, your muscle memory engages when you text or type. It almost becomes a conditional response. When you write out on paper or digitally with a pen or pencil it taps into the unconscious parts of your brain and extracts what may be hidden. We have seen this happen countless times and it's a necessary step in our process.

  • What kind of support do I get during this process?

    We have a designated community called the BAMFam that is included with all course purchases. Each has its own space to ask questions and engage with those in that space. If you need additional support we have certified BAM strategists who can assist you, but there may be a fee involved for consulting.

  • How quickly can I get results after this process?

    It takes us about a week to get results back to clients, but that time may vary depending on the individual, the legibility of their handwriting, and the clarity and alignment of their answers. The more you do the deep work towards clarity and alignment the quicker we can get results back to you.

  • How often should I repeat The Big BAM Process?

    We would recommend at least once a year or when you are making critical decisions for your organization. We go through this process ourselves once a year in or near August.

Brand Alignment Mentor

Building Brands for 20+ Years

CO-Founder of BAM Align, BAM Academy, & BAMFam Joel Kelly

The Brand Alchemist, AKA the “mad scientist” of branding.

Where you see chaos, I see patterns of order. I connect the unconscious chaos of your vision to bring it into conscious reality.

I use Carl Jung’s 12- archetypes as a basis for understanding how you see the world. This is so I can understand your motivations, communication style, and tone of voice and advise unbiasedly as I guide you down the path that is right for your brand.

Even though I have been in the branding and marketing industry for 20+ years. I don’t consider myself an expert or guru. I am always learning and testing to find eternal truths that shape our reality.

From the tested failures and successes of my journey, I have created strategic frameworks to help bring brand alignment and clarity to your vision.