Do you struggle with articulating your brand's message & vision?

  • How many potential opportunities have you missed because your brand message isn't clear?

  • How many potential dream clients have passed you by because your brand message didn't resonate with what really mattered to them?

  • How many dollars have you invested into your marketing with nothing or very little to show for it?

  • Are you tired of “one-size-fits-all” solutions for your branding and marketing?

How We Help you Clarify your Brand, Audience, and Message.

  • We give you repeatable and scalable frameworks that you can use over and over, either as an annual check-up to make sure you’re still on track, or as a blueprint for each time you create a new product or branch out into a new area. Using and re-using The Big BAM Process will make sure all of your goals and communications are aligned.

  • We offer you ongoing support from our BAMfam Community to evoke confidence as you test ideas and messaging with people who know and understand the archetypes and The Big BAM process.

  • Learn in a way that works for you - do it yourself online, or walk through the live, virtual process with guidance from one of our Certified BAM Brand Ambassadors.

Who is the BAM Academy designed for?

  • The Big BAM process is tailored for relationship-focused business owners who are ready to do the work to bring their somewhat chaotic vision into sharp clarity.

  • This process is not designed for anyone who just wants a “That Was Easy!” button, or a get-rich-quick process. This is deep work for legacy-minded people willing to do the work for a long-term result.

  • Those who are coachable, willing to put their opinions and preconceived ideas aside for the duration of the process are likely to experience a complete metamorphosis for their brand and business.

What THEY say about BAM

"Halfway through the workbook, my lights were on! The questions are thought-provoking and some are uncomfortable."

Jeff Humphreys - Shortline Creative & Calgary Sessions

"The BAM process was much more difficult than I expected it to be. It challenged me to answer some very in depth and difficult questions about my business and even myself."

Jon Fro - Room Four Productions

"This process was transformational for me and almost immediately as soon as I started owning my message, video content, offers and community started coming together!"

Matthew Biggar - YouTube Channel Sherpa | YouTube Strategist for Community-Focused Creators

"I am already seeing an increase in billings from the kind of clients I've wanted to work with for years."

David T. Pennington - OutWord

"From part time 20k a year to 90k per year with 55% profit margin."

Britton Ledingham - iEvolve Media

"It was valuable time and well worth the energy to go through it."

Michael Edworthy - Hank's Plumbing & Gasfitting

"It would save them a fortune and remove untold hours of frustration."

Darlene Hull - Certified BAM Strategist & Business Coach

"We were stuck, and the process helped us move forward."

Crystal Taylor - Holden & Taylor

"I am genuinely happy and feel enlightened even after having completed the course. I highly recommend it. You will not be disappointed."

André Gagiano - StrikeNorth - Branding Strategist

"The process brought greater clarity and understanding of my place within the fabric of the universe for my brand. Truly a unique and empowering experience."

Jonas Cain - Hashtag Positivity


  • Do you offer refunds?

    No, not typically. In business we all take risks and we need to take responsibility for our choices. The standard "legal" buyer's remorse period (14-days) still applies if you haven't gone past the FREE Preview Identity module.

  • What type of support does BAM Academy offer?

    We have a designated community called the BAMFam that is included with all course purchases. Each has its own space to ask questions and engage with those in that space. If you need additional support we have certified BAM strategists who can assist you, but there may be a fee involved for consulting.

  • How long do I have access to my bundle or course?

    One-year access with support included, and you can have access to your course indefinitely, but you won't be eligible for updates or improvements and dedicated space in our community support. For example, The first edition is not automatically upgraded to the 2nd Edition.

  • Do I have to use pencil/pen to paper during this process?

    Yes, your muscle memory engages when you text or type. It almost becomes a conditional response. When you write out on paper or digitally with a pen or pencil it taps into the unconscious parts of your brain and extracts what may be hidden. We have seen this happen countless times and it's a necessary step in our process.

  • How fast can I get results after the process?

    We have seen results of better clientele in about a week, but results may vary depending on the individual and their commitment to applying this process.

  • How often should I repeat The Big BAM Process??

    We would recommend at least once a year or when you are making critical decisions for your organization. We go through this process ourselves once a year in or near August.

  • Does BAM stand for anything?

    BAM stands for Brand, Audience, & Message ultimately, but has deeper acronyms under the initial meaning depending on the application in our ecosystem.